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Do you have to pay for WordPress themes?

Not every time. There are more free themes on the web than paid ones. You can select a free theme and install it on your WordPress site without having to pay one buck. There are a lot of cool themes with great features and designs (Like the GlowMag or the Shree)  that are free and […]

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What is the difference between a WordPress theme and template?

A WordPress theme is what designs your website as a whole. It is a complete set, a collection of colors, backgrounds, headers, footers, elements, sidebars and every other thing that is displayed on your website. On the other hand, a template is a layout for a certain page. It is basically part of a theme […]

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How do I choose a WordPress theme?

It is basically a matter of prioritising the requirements of the site. You have to choose a theme that allows you to make your site the way it is supposed to look. Before finalising a theme, you should consider its style, design, functionalities, and compatibility with the niche of your website. There are a number […]

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How many WordPress themes are there?

The proper question would have been how many types of themes are there? As for the number of themes, there can be as many as 20,000+ on a single theme hosting site. Usually, you have to choose between a free and a premium theme. A free theme has limited functionality and editable features. Whereas, a […]

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Is WordPress for free? is an entirely free platform that allows you to create and manage websites, usually blogs, over the internet. The hosting service may require you to pay for hosting but WordPress is entirely free. From themes to plugins and integrations, WP allows you to run a site without a dedicated budget or a hitch. You […]

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What is a WP theme?

A WordPress theme is basically a collection of templates that forms the visual interface for a WordPress based site. These themes, using a number of stylesheets, allow changes to the appearance and the display of the site. These themes are usually easy to install and just like GlowMag, they help your site have a very […]

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