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Best Gutenberg Plugins for WordPress

Gutenberg Plugin itself is a great resource, but what about aiding Gutenberg Plugins? Yes, there are a lot of other WordPress plugins that go hand in hand with the Gutenberg editor and you can bring these to use to enhance your website’s performance.

Among the WordPress editor plugins, Gutenberg ranks very high and that is the reason you need to couple it with a few other plugins to have a higher impact on visitors through your website.

WordPress Gutenberg plugin is your best aid when it comes to page builders. It is compact, comes with its great perks, and allows you to tweak its functionality with other plugins too. Simply it’s the best WordPress editing plugin available.

Now, talking about enhancing the performance of Gutenberg, how can you make it better than it already is for your business? You can add a few other plugins according to your needs and it will offer twice the value it offers usually.

These plugins that you can use in tandem with your Gutenberg WordPress site are somewhat WordPress plugins editor tools too. With them, you add to the functional prowess of Gutenberg and get the maximum out of it.

Coming to these plugins now, you can find thousands claiming to be the best ones. How do you sort out the ones that offer value for real? We have made that task easier for you.

10 Best Gutenberg Plugins

We have found these 10 great plugins to go with Gutenberg that you can use to edit the Gutenberg blocks, add new functions, and make Gutenberg offer more value to your site.

These Gutenberg plugins encompass most of the areas that you might need to cover with regards to your website. Choose one of these and you will surely have all bases covered.

1.  Gutenberg Blocks

Gutenberg Blocks

Among all WordPress Gutenberg Blocks related plugins, this one is surely on top of the list. It is perfect for you because it has everything that your website would need for the Gutenberg plugin.

With the Gutenberg Blocks plugin, you have such great and clean coding that your website runs smoothly and performs faster too. With the services of Gutenberg blocks, you have the service of multiple blocks that help you build your site more effectively.

It is pixel perfect, fully customizable, zero-coding required, deeper integrations, full-width support, advanced columns, blockquotes, attractive CTAs, icon lists, infoboxes, and different carousels. What else would you need?

2. WooCommerce Blocks

WooCommerce Blocks

We already told you that everything that we will have here will be for different business niches. If you have an eCommerce website, you would definitely want WooCommerce blocks for your site.

WooCommerce Blocks is an exceptional add-on for your Gutenberg WooCommerce site as it comes loaded with multiple blocks that you can use to make your site better.

It comes with a featured category block, hand-picked products block, top-rated products block, on-sale products block, products by category block, reviews by category, and more.

It also allows you to filter products by attribute so that you can make things sorted perfectly for your site. With tag blocks, new product blocks, and more, you can create a great eCommerce store.

3. Atomic Blocks

Atomic Blocks

Atomic Blocks is a complete code of website construction. You can alter and edit your site with content blocks in the perfect manner with Atomic Blocks.

You get to have a large volume of blocks relative to content and all with Atomic Blocks. There is the advantage of easy installation and easy customization with this plugin.

You have section & layout blocks, newsletter blocks, post grid blocks, container blocks, drop cap blocks, customizable CTA blocks, pricing blocks, and share icon blocks.

Moreover, the spacer and divider blocks add value to the design of your website too. You can choose Atomic Blocks and be free of any worry regarding content blocks and Gutenberg.

4. Gutenberg Manager

Gutenberg Manager

If there was a Plugin that goes perfectly with its name, it would be the Gutenberg manager. It is the perfect add-on for your website and it helps you get things rolling perfectly.

If you think you need to get more out of Gutenberg and ad value to what it offers, the Gutenberg manager is the way to go then. It has all the ease of use that you would need and all the functions that you would want.

You get to have numerous API hooks with Gutenberg manager which enables you to get maximum work out of Gutenberg editor. With default and additional blocks on offer, you can have great ease of use and access.

Choose Gutenberg manager and you are on your way to getting the most out of your Gutenberg editor for your website.

5. Stackable

Stackable wordpress plugin

Stackable is a savvy and premium sort of Gutenberg add-on that gives you numerous options when it comes to having content blocks at your disposal.

It offers easy usage, 23 quality page building content blocks, more than 60 different pre-section and layouts, drag and drop options, built-in sections, and detailed responsiveness.

Stackable, with its 23 different quality content building blocks, offers you to curate better content for your website. You can have different sorts of content in a perfect manner with Stackable.

Going for Stackable, you get to have excellent support, easy usage, numerous customization options, and much more. What else would you need?

6. TinyMCE

TinyMCE wordpress plugin

The name just refers to how much effort you would need to make your site work better, the plugin is loaded with a huge number of options though. 

TinyMCE comes with a classic paragraph block that you can use to add text to your site pages with ease. You can edit and customize the paragraph block to have your text made classy.

With search and replace options, font options, choices between classic and default blocks, and text block customization, TinyMCE is perfect for you if you want to have great features in a simple framework.

7. Advanced Rich Text

Want to have better text options while working with Gutenberg? You have this perfectly tailored plugin as an add-on for your Gutenberg editor.

Advanced Rich Text is one simple plugin that does exactly as its name suggests. With Advanced Rich Text, you can have better text block options for your paragraph blocks.

It allows you to create better textual references on your website with this particular plugin. Change text colors, fonts, formatting, and more with this simple plugin.

8. Block Gallery

Block Gallery

Want to add photos to your site with some elegance? There is something that we have for you. Block Gallery is just the perfect thing for your website if you want graphics to be perfectly displayed.

The graphic block created by Block Gallery provides you with a sort of picture gallery for your website. You can show all your pictures in one space and create a higher impact.

Block Gallery is easy to install, it is as simple as it gets, and is convenient for you to use on your website. Get Block Gallery and flaunt your pictures with style.

9. The Events Callendar

The Events Callendar

Talking about great add-ons for Gutenberg to use for your site, you would love this simple plugin too. It is an easy-to-use and easy-to-install plugin that helps you scale your site higher.

You can create and manage events on your website directly without having to go for a third-party intervention with the simple installation of this plugin to aid your Gutenberg editor.

It has numerous WP and API rest points, Numerous integrations, and easy usage. This makes it a great choice for your business then! Go for The Events Callendar and handle dates, appointments, and events better.

10. Advanced Gutenberg

Advanced Gutenberg plugin

Advanced Gutenberg is all about making Gutenberg work better with this exceptionally great add-on. It has great features with regards to functionalities of your site so that you have no confusion whatsoever when opting for it.

With Advanced Gutenberg, you have exceptional block control that lets you take control of your content blocks and their visual and functional capacities perfectly.

Also, it allows you to add contact forms, CTA blocks, table blocks, login blocks, social sharing blocks, and much more to make your site user friendly. Opt for Advanced Gutenberg and get the maximum out of your site.


We think all these great add-on plugins for Gutenberg and your site are going to help you make your site better. Look through and find what suits your needs the best.