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How to setup an Affiliate Site with WordPress?

In the nexus of the vastly complexified digital world, online existences can be of more than a handful usage. However, not every online entity makes money and not every website has the ability to generate traffic and revenue. What would be the best bet for a successful online existence then? Two words: Affiliate Site. Affiliate […]

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How to choose a framework and CMS for your website

Web development is a complex business that has progressed at an unprecedented rate and has changed mankind’s way of life. If you go online, which you probably did, you have noticed that there are millions of different websites. Since you are here, you probably already know this fact and are looking to find the best option […]

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12 Easy Casino Themes For WordPress for Less Than $100

As all casino webmasters know, online casino can be a very competitive niche. There are usually hundreds of other sites looking to steal your traffic. Designing a responsive, high quality site from scratch can be time consuming, and very expensive. You will have to keep many things in mind while designing your site. You site […]

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21 of the Best Free Blog Themes

Starting your own blog is much easier and cheaper than you think. While it requires dedication to update your site regularly with new and relevant articles, you can set up your blog in a matter of minutes and for very little money. The only expense you will have to make is the hosting fee, which […]

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13 Must Have WordPress Plugins

What is a plugin? As the name implies, Plugins are simply plug-ins. The name is coined from two words, “Plug” and “in.” In essential words, they are crucial components that are “plugged in” to increase the functionality of the WordPress system that they are fixed into.

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9 of the best financial WordPress themes

Financial websites can be extremely profitable. Whether you have a loan company, forex website, stock website, personal business website, or others, it is very important to choose the right theme before setting up a website. This does not have to be that difficult, provided you select a theme that allows you the right amount of […]

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Best examples of websites using Canyon themes

Canyon Themes is run by a team of experienced WordPress developers. We love to create WordPress themes for every possible website. We love to make elegant, light and easy to use WordPress themes as well as HTML templates. If you need a custom theme, template or help with one of our pro themes, simply contact […]

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