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UX Trends for 2020

The year might not have been the ideal when it comes to businesses, but there hasn’t been a shortage of trends. Especially, the new year has brought new UX trends to the forefront and we think you might like them.

Among all these trendy updates, UX design trends are somewhat unique in their own way. The uniqueness comes from the fact that the new trends are a buildup on the older ones.

In simpler terms, these design trends are not about the complete elimination of the older methods and designs like the ones on this site, rather these trends build upon the older design trends with improvements.

When you are looking to increase the value for the overall user experience, you need to make sure that you are up to date. That means you should look out for 2020 design trends if you want a successful year.

This blog may well turn out to be a ‘UX best practice Bible’ for you and your business. You can simply follow the findings we have and you will be using the best UX enhancement techniques!

Design and User Experience: Relative terms

Website design is not just about colors and elements. It is about constructing a journey for your customers that adds value to their experience with your business.

Let’s say your whole customer experience is 10 points. Your website speed and performance takes 4 points. 2 points are allocated to your design and typography.

2 points are allocated to the user-friendliness of elements and design features. The remaining 2 points are divided evenly between color choices and design relevance to your business niche.

The user comes across your website’s design first: The first impression thus. If your design lacks the vibrance to initiate the user experience right, you are going to lack in all other fields too.

That is why we always regard design so highly. It is the forefront of your business and until you have made it perfect, your business is just depending on liabilities.

UX trends worth following this year

2020 might not have started the way businesses would have wanted it to, but there is always room for improvement. You have to make the most out of the scenario presented to you, and that is what defines you and your business.

This year, there may have been a lower influx of business, but with people having ample time, there have been new trends and new likings. The new trends for design are what we want to focus on.

You can go through our suggestions for trends and you can be sure that you have the best options on board. These trends have been narrowed down after extensive research and behavior analysis over the past 3 months.

1.  Colors are meant to be harmonious

Have you ever come across a website that looks off the rails? Like a canvas flooded with frustrated brush strokes and paint spills? It never looks good and that is the same with a website.

If your website has color issues, you should know that your website will be a perfect portrayal of chaos. With colors opposing the other schemes, the design loses all its value and charm.

We have found that vibrance and brittleness are not what interest the users, it is the harmony that makes more of a point. People prefer websites that have a harmonious color scheme.

If your colors synchronize with your overall design and present a harmonious outlook, your users are more likely to stay. For websites that have color harmony, the bounce rate falls by 9 percent compared to the chaotic color schemes.

2.  Meaningful content

Modern ages are all about adding context to your content. Without meaning, your content seems empty. With all the modern measures that you take, giving meaning to everything should also be there on the priority list.

You have to make sure that every element on the website represents something and adds certain meaning and value to the overall customer journey.

Don’t just add an element with a smiling face because it looks good in the content. Add it where you think the customer deserves to look at a smiling face. That is how you add meaning to design elements.

3.  Don’t address bots

Have you ever stumbled across a beautiful website for an exceptional business, but once you started to go through the content, you felt nothing but a computer?

Well, that happens when you try to be too formal. People end up being a computer addressing bots rather than a business addressing potential or recurring customers.

Make sure that when you add content to your site, be it a button or even a CTA, it has human text and not bot instructions. Be interactive, be lively, and at least be human.

If you have bot language spread all across your website, people might think you are not a legitimate business, or they might think you lack social skills. Which we think, is not good at all in light of the modern trends.

4.  Custom Navigation options

When you want your customers to have a better user experience, you should give them the authority to explore your website and its content without having to go through a funnel of webpages.

It is compulsory to have custom navigation options in the light of the UX trends for this year. People love to come to the site and search for what they are looking for straight away.

This particular step bodes perfectly well for businesses such as online stores. The customer can walk in straight and search for the product they need without having to look through 10s of product pages.

This also helps with blog-post discovery and SEO standings. With people punching in the keywords for your blogs on your website to discover your content, your search engine rankings improve as well.

5.  Asymmetry for the year

The year has started pretty much in an asymmetric manner and science is taking a leap of faith towards asymmetry rather than symmetry. Who are we to not follow the trend?

To be more on the digital and design end of this trend, asymmetry provides variation and uniqueness to your website as a whole. With content arrays varying over the website, it makes it look natural and attractive.

Although arrangement, discipline, and perfect rows are neat to look at, they bend more towards the robotic look. We have already mentioned a more human environment as a favorable one for the site.

Go for asymmetry and split-screen tactics for this year. With split screens, asymmetry, and multi-column content spread, you are sure to present the website in a more trendy manner.

6.  Typography Mastery

When you are working with words, you just need to focus on the spirit of the content? No! That’s not exactly true for 2020. This year, it is more about how the text looks too.

With a website, you need to make sure your typography is spot on. There should be everything that can make your text look better, be it fonts, colors, or overlays.

With the modern requirements, you also need to make sure that headings and bold texts are present and spread across your content. Resort to H1, H2, H3s maybe?

7.  Full Screen is the way to go

Smaller images with bare minimum sizes were old-time things. Now, it is about bigger and brighter images. Visuals need to be full screen if you are to go to the full extent of success.

Although the current graphics already incline more towards higher resolution visuals and bigger display sizes, they can be bettered with full-screen displays.

It is all about ‘the bigger, the better’ when it comes to visuals. With full-screen displays, the visuals get maximum exposure and you have more chances at getting the desired results out of your visual elements.

A final trendy advice

Our final trendy advice would be to implement the modern trends in cohesion with your business niche. Just make sure that the trend is perfect for your niche. (P.S. Asymmetry and stores don’t go together)

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