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Danfe new wordpress theme

It has been a long time since we came up with a new WordPress theme for the digital world, but it was for a purpose. We believe in quality over quantity and that’s why we are here with a new multipurpose WordPress theme.

CanyonThemes has been producing unparalleled WP themes for business and that very tradition is continuing as a trend this year as well. We are back with a bang, and that is with another business theme.

We know that businesses out there are always looking for free WordPress themes for business, but we also know it is tough to find a free theme that is perfect.

Contrary to the competition, we believe in providing the highest quality of themes to our customers for free. That has been our tradition and our goal: Providing great themes for businesses for free.

If you were out on the web looking for the best free themes for business, you have come to the right place because we have a new sensational business theme for you.

CanyonThemes’ history of great themes

If you are coming across to a theme from CanyonThemes for the first time, we think you should know about us before you learn more about our latest WordPress theme.

CanyonThemes has more than 100,000 active downloads on and offers a number of free and premium themes for your business website.

CanyonThemes has completed over 2000 digital design projects for customers to date for customized website theme designs as well. In addition to all that, our themes have excellent customer reviews too.

We have been focusing on providing an excellent quality of themes to everyone at the lowest rates. Our free themes have unparalleled features and operable functions. That’s what makes our legacy.

Danfe: The new multipurpose WordPress theme

Danfe is the latest addition to our legacy of multipurpose business-oriented WordPress themes. It is one of the finest themes that you could ever come across for your corporate website.

Danfe is coded cleanly with your business needs kept in mind. It makes your life easier as a business and website owner. How? In every possible way that reduces your workload and creates an easier method for you.

Danfe is designed and coded specifically to fit all business niches without the need for alterations. It is simple and it is comprehensive with regards to functional operabilities.

Danfe comes with cross-browser compatibility and excellent responsiveness across platforms. This helps you with catering to mobile audiences and computer audiences perfectly.

With Danfe, you have numerous colors and font options so that you can customize your way to the perfect website for your business. There are unlimited colors to choose from for your website and its elements.

It has a large number of typography options so that you can make your text overlaps better as per the modern typography trends. It also comes with breadcrumb options, allowing you to take full control over your SEO.

In addition to the breadcrumb options, Danfe is totally optimized for SEO and SEM-based functions. It also comes with complete Bootstrap compatibility for your ease.

Why choose Danfe?

Apart from everything that we have already mentioned, Danfe is:

  • Easy to customize
  • Speedy
  • Safe
  • RTL ready
  • SEO friendly
  • Uniquely designed and so much more

You can download Danfe for free right now and get one step closer to a successful online business journey.

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