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Web development is a complex business that has progressed at an unprecedented rate and has changed mankind’s way of life. If you go online, which you probably did, you have noticed that there are millions of different websites. Since you are here, you probably already know this fact and are looking to find the best option that will help you build a website and take your business to another level.

When it comes to choosing a framework and a Content Management System (CMS) for your website, there is not just one right choice. There are numerous options available on the market, and each of them has its unique features, advantages and disadvantages.

You may have scratched your head, more often than not, thinking about how to build a website? Or the optimal solution to build a website? The right option depends on the complexity of the website requirements and business needs. The first step for building a website is to clearly set the expectations of the project.

With more than hundreds of open source tools, libraries, and web development frameworks, along with lots of online tutorials, choosing the best one for your project can be tricky. What are the options?

WordPress is the most popular content management tool. Launched in 2003, WordPress now powers 31.5% of all websites on the Internet. is a free open source platform that allows you to build your website quickly either by using premade themes or custom made.
Here are some of the main advantages when using WordPress:

  • There are thousands of free and paid themes available for WordPress that will allow you to create a beautiful website
  • Saves time on development costs

Since WordPress is an open source tool there are hundreds of developers across the globe constantly working to make improvements. As a result, you will not need to pay a developer to optimize your page or for any upgrades.

Custom theme development

A Custom WordPress Theme will make your website stand out. According to a study put together by the Red Website Design 94% of people consider the design of a website when establishing the trust that site offers. 

Another important aspect when choosing a custom theme is the speed of your website. When you use a WordPress developer to build a custom WordPress theme, you can ensure that your website only comes with the features you need. Less code means an overall faster website. In addition, a custom theme is also better suited for SEO due to its lean code.

Custom development

When working with a CMS software, you’re given an already-made theme to work with unless, you have paid for a custom theme, though this can be expensive. With a custom website, there is no theme; it is created from scratch. A bespoke website offers a tailor made solution that fits the needs of a business.
The architecture of your website is built around your customer journey and according to your specifications and does not carry any limitations or restrictions on how the site will look. This means that your website will be unique.

Some of the main benefits of this approach are:

  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Bespoke websites are developed to perfectly sync with your as they are built as per client prerequisites, functionalities, ideas and more. Custom developed websites can be built by using different frameworks. Here are the four most popular options:


Laravel framework is one of the most popular frameworks for custom software development. It makes use of the newest features of PHP and is top rated on Github: with more than 35 000 developers worldwide recognizing its great features.

Laravel is a free and open source web development framework; that allows developers to create classy websites by using expressive yet simple syntax.
Laravel development offers exceptional features. It is adaptable and easy to use. It offers multiple modules meeting your specific needs. Laravel- PHP framework simplifies common tasks used in different web projects. It is used by some giant industries for their business growth.


Angular is a robust JavaScript framework that was introduced in 2009 to simplify front-end development.
A good example of a website built with angular is Bob Casino, you can find more information about Bob Casino.

Online casino websites usually often need custom solutions due to their unique requirements such as:

  • Fast loading times
  • Large number of users
  • Live games

The Angular framework was the perfect solutions to enable in delivering the responsive, fast, impressive and secure data services.


The React JS framework was developed by the Facebook community and is an open source platform that can be easily changed, and customized by its users.

The main advantage of React is its relative simplicity and that it is focused on one task. Its extensive modularity in developing the UI components can act independently on a single webpage or on multiple web pages.

However, the React JS library offers several other capabilities to modern web development, responsive design, modular and reusable components, support of lifecycle hooks for server-side communication are just a few of them

You can now combine the power of Angular, React and Laravel as front-end with WordPress as backend. To create unique websites.
These frameworks Angular, React and Laravel give developers the opportunity to create Single-page Applications that provide a sophisticated window on content stored on WordPress.

Working with one of the three frameworks is fast and rewarding, and combined with WordPress it can make a great SPA in a short time frame. In addition, you can set up easily manageable landing pages such as the one for Bob Casino.

With the WordPress backend now not limited to WordPress themes, you can create extremely flamboyant and fast themes using one of the frameworks mentioned above and integrate it with the WordPress back-end through its API.

So which option should you choose for your next web development project?

Ultimately, the choice should depend on the project in question and its unique requirements, so there is no straight forward answer. It is all about looking at your needs and what you want to accomplish.

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