Mobile-Friendly WordPress Themes

Making your WordPress website mobile-friendly is essential these days. A huge portion of online traffic comes from mobile users. According to the latest study, mobile accounts to 50.48% of the internet traffic, while 46.51% comes from desktop. 

This is enough to tell you how important it is to optimize your site for mobile browsing. 

The best part is that making a website mobile-friendly is a lot easier these days. You don’t need technical expertise and hours of scripting and coding. The beauty of WordPress is that it makes the technical work simpler with themes and plugins. So, if you want your website to be suitable for mobile viewing and load quickly and smoothly, then you must check out our list of the best mobile-friendly WordPress themes in 2020.

If you are new to the concept of mobile-friendly WordPress websites, you might check it here.

Best WordPress Themes


shree free wordpress theme

If you are those who believe in the saying that ‘less is more,’ then Shree is the perfect phone theme for you. This is the best free WordPress theme that allows you to design your site with minimalistic, clean, and elegant layouts. With fewer elements on your site, it will perform excellently on mobile devices.

Pricing: Free; $34 for Pro Version


free wordpress news theme

GlowMag is the perfect theme for sites that want to focus on the content more than the design. That’s why it’s suitable for blogs and creative websites. Its features are designed to enhance your content display, such as fonts and colors, sliders, and widgets. For mobile optimization of blogs that are highly focused on the content, GlowMag can get the job done easily.

Pricing: Free, $xx for Pro Version


free wordpress theme

News sites, online magazines, and information-based sites have to focus equally on design, content, and layout when viewed from mobile devices. And that’s where Ezy comes to the rescue. With loads of features like sliders, pre-loader options, author bio, and live editing, this theme will enhance both the design and optimization of magazines, blogs, and news sites.

Pricing: Free, $34 for Pro Version


wordpress theme

With 410 in-built wireframe layouts and hundreds of module variations, Uncode lets you design your website in any way you want. Integration with multiple plugins allows you to make your mobile site more powerful and user-friendly. WooCommerce and WPBakery Page Builder are just two of the many useful plugins that Uncode integrates with seamlessly.

Pricing: $59 (6-months support); $17.63 for additional 6-months support.


gillion wordpress theme

Gillion is one of the best WordPress mobile-friendly themes for online magazines, blogs, and newsletters. It works perfectly for online shops and stores as well. There are multiple layouts to customize your site, and you can also take the easy route and go with one of the many in-built demo layouts. It looks neat and loads quickly on mobile devices, even for webpages that have multimedia content.

Pricing: $55 (6-months support); $16.13 for additional 6-months support.


divi theme

Divi is so much more than just a mobile-friendly theme. It gives you full control over every aspect of building your website without having to write a single line of code. Divi will replace the usual WordPress page editor with its visual editor, giving you more customization and design options. And even though it’s loaded with features, first-time website builders can use it just as easily since everything is click, drag, and drop!

Pricing: $89 per year or $249 for lifetime support


amazing WordPress theme

Webify is an amazing WordPress theme that can really speed up your mobile site’s loading speed. And they have excellent demo designs, from casual to professional and everything in between. That’s not all; they keep uploading new demos every month. Their customizer is really diverse, allowing you to design your page perfectly for all mobile devices.

Pricing: $59 (6-months support); $17.63 for additional 6-months support.


WordPress template

Do you want a WordPress template specifically for online stores or business websites? If so, then Hongo is exactly what you need. It has hundreds of templates to design your product pages and list your products in different styles. And even with plenty of product images on your site, Hongo will ensure that the site is fast and highly responsive.

Pricing: $47 (6-months support); $13.13 for additional 6-months support.


wordpress theme for business websites and blogs

POFO is best suited for online portfolio sites and creative agencies but works well for business websites and blogs as well. The design and customization options are incredibly detailed, and there are more than 200 in-built templates to work with. Most of the designs are minimalistic yet extremely aesthetic, which is why it’s perfect for portfolios.

Pricing: $59 (6-months support); $17.63 for additional 6-months support.


crane theme

The main highlight of Crane is that it’s really lightweight and highly versatile, making it suitable for all types of websites. Be it blogs, eCommerce stores, portfolios, or corporate sites; you can make any website mobile friendly with Crane – all the while keeping things so simple that even beginners will get the hang of it straight away.

Pricing: $49 (6-months support); $13.88 for additional 6-months support.


SEO-friendly WordPress theme

The ‘Seo’ in its name should itself be enough to give you a hint that Seofy is an SEO-friendly WordPress theme to help you in your search engine marketing initiatives. So, this is the best choice for marketing agencies, or even for individuals who want to focus on the marketing aspect of their site mainly. 

Pricing: $59 (6-months support); $17.63 for additional 6-months support.


responsive wordpress theme

Lightweight, fast, and responsive, Unicon is just loaded with features. More than 50 page-building elements, various header designs, and page layouts are just some of its best features. Their drag and drop page builder is also super easy to use. Unicon is highly focused on the design aspects of a site while ensuring excellent loading speeds on all devices.

Pricing: $59 (6-months support); $17.63 for additional 6-months support.


If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you will lose out on a big chunk of potential traffic. And it will also directly impact your site’s SEO rankings. With the help of mobile-friendly WordPress themes, you can rest assured that your site will perform great on all platforms and devices.

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