Conversion Rate Optimization for Gambling website

The Internet casino industry is now a $45 billion business worldwide and growing at a fast rate. Canyon Themes has been closely working with casinos to analyze the online experience of players. This collaborative experience has lent valuable insights into how gaming operators are trying to differentiate themselves in the market. 

From creating a unique experience to providing a platform worth investing in, here are the industry secrets of the gambling websites.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Complexity Is A Turnoff

To stand out from the herd, igaming sites are fast realizing that the more complex their presentation of Welcome offer, the less chance of people signing up with the platform. In addition to that, designers working with casinos are also struggling to create a better audiovisual experience for the users. Psychological tricks can change how people experience a site, increasing cognitive strain on the user.

  • Some insight that could help designers improve the aesthetics of the website includes high contrast designs, so users don’t struggle to read information.
  • Using easier words to campaign to users is also helpful. It provokes strong emotions and promotes transparency.
  • Helping the users traverse the website by filling up bonus code fields or providing easy pop-up instructions helps them stay focused on the task at hand.
  • The biggest issue customers feed on some websites is asking for too much information right off the bat. This is a huge turn off and can be a deal-breaker for many. This is why Canyon Themes suggests breaking up information collection into small and separate pieces.
  • Having user-friendly navigation helps. This is also the reasom that casinos migrate to WordPress for delivering a more customized experience.

Bonus Optimization

Gamblers are risk-averse. They want to avoid the feeling of loss as much as possible. This is why providing frequent wins to them can be more effective than providing a large win. Casinos that offer small and more frequent bonuses perform better. Many casinos breakdown their welcome offer in 2, 3, and 4 deposits to optimize the user experience.

The silver lining effect or the appeal of impending cashback or future promotions, is also a powerful tool. This is why some casinos program the machines to show the winnings separately from the amount that was wagered.

Achievable Rewards

Rewards are the biggest incentive for a player to join a casino. But for this to effectively work, the dark has to be achievable for the player. Most casinos shape their reward program complexly. They have a huge wagering requirement, which makes the players lose interest.

Most of the casinos also used a time limit to make it even more difficult for the player to capitalize on the reward. Creating all these barriers to accessing the reward shows a lack of commitment from the site of the casino, which is not desirable for recreational players, who make up for the majority of the casino population.  

Beyond The Bonuses

Although the welcome package is a huge factor in attracting new players to a casino, they are not everything. They are merely a tool that could end up failing if the casino is not optimized in other ways. Users take only a few seconds to decide whether they want to join the casino based on the offerings. Starting from the headings of the page to the FAQ section, everything adds to your reputation.

A neuroscientific study speaks about how people are attracted to brands to fill the need to achieve something. By playing to people’s vanity and prestige, brands can convert more people to visiting their platform.

 Building A Relevant Homepage

Player experience strongly builds upon the quality of the website. In the end, the casino has to understand the players they are targeting and their unique needs. Personalizing the casino home page to the satisfaction of players is the only way to convert successfully.

To personalize the home page, casinos can offer guidance about how the player can specifically leverage the parts of the casino. The more relevant the information is to the user, the better are the chances of conversation and high transaction. In simple words, knowing new players helps get more sales. In the gambling world, personalization can be done based on which devices people are using to log in, location, time of day, or any other real-time customer behavior.

For example, if a player is frequenting the slot section of your casino, you might want to promote free spins or offers that can be used in slot machines.

Optimization of WordPress themes allows casinos to leverage the small attention span of the user to generate a high conversation rate. They have to show information that is relevant to the experience of the user on the first page. A quality home page can drive up the conversation rate up to four times.

Some players might be more interested in playing roulette, and redirecting them to the roulette lobby is a better way to get them to stay. Similarly, people interested in live table games should be set to the same lobby based on past behavior. Casinos collect data on user behavior, which can enable them to facilitate this kind of transaction.

A/B Testing

A/B tests are a simple way to analyze the performances of two different versions of the same thing. In the end, the winner stays. Considering the case of casino, the same can be done by identifying where people are losing interest. If a large chunk of users is heading off to the promotion page and dropping off, there could be some issues regarding this page harming the conversion rate.

By creating funnels, casinos can understand the user journey of all the players visiting the casino. It could also give a very good understanding of the problem areas that need to be fixed. Google Analytics Click Events can also show the heatmaps of user visitations. They also record visits of users.

Once the problem areas are identified, they can create multiple versions of the same page. If one version of the page shows a high conversion rate, one becomes the final page.

Casinos can run a series of A/A tests on WordPress sites to see how the results hold up. In this process, they are testing identical parents against each other. Sometimes, even similar pages will have a different conversion rate. Reaching a 95% confidence rate is the goal. There might not be a lot of difference between the pages that are being tested, so in A/A test cases, reaching the 95% goal can be difficult.

Even in an A/B testing, 95% confidence trait is quite high for some situations. Especially if the page does not have a very high visit count. According to some data in this, the significance threshold of the page can be dropped to understand the variation better.

Learn Customer Behavior With AI

User behavior can be unpredictable. Artificial intelligence can track user behavior and use the data collected to improve the experience further. Some AI applications can help discover players who have similar gaming habits, players who have a similar background, players who have similar interests, etc.

AI can be crucial for predicting VIP players, who are responsible for almost 60 to 80% of the casino’s revenue, even if they are only 5% of the collective. AI has the power to create an immersive and entertaining casino experience. It helps with individual customization by catering to experience to the clear needs and boost retention rates.

Your Turn

As you can see, online gaming customer retention can be improved significantly by ticking the right boxes in terms of navigation and the overall experience delivered by your casino. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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