Reputation Management For Online Casinos

Online casinos are dime a dozen. If you Google, you will find a hundred varieties of slots, table games, and other casinos. But that does not mean a player will go for any casino, or more specifically, your casino. 

In the world of gambling, the reputation of a casino is the last word. Some players might sign up to play, but if they get miffed for whatever reason, they will leave disastrous reviews in all gambling forums. 

And believe us, they are connected. Word spreads like wildfire in the gambling community. Even if you do everything right, there is no guarantee that one disgruntled player will not write a fake review about you online, turning away hundreds of potential customers. 

Before we discuss the tools that can help you keep your WordPress website reputation at a good stage, let’s talk about the ABCs. There are some absolute taboos in the gambling community that you should be avoiding if you don’t want to be blacklisted. 

Before hiring an agency for monitoring reputation, you need to establish a few protocols for your casino.

Basics of Reputation Management

A leading casino, Slot Tavern, recommends sticking to a few basic guidelines when it comes to managing casino reputation online. They are:

Never Refuse To Pay

A lot of casinos try to cheat players when someone manages to win an obscene amount of money. Now, this is what the players are paying for – the chance of winning big. 

Many casinos, usually the blacklisted ones, will try to argue that the win should have never happened. That it was a glitch in the machine. Or that they can only pay off 20% of the winning amount. It’s obvious why this is a bad strategy. 

Don’t Have Unreasonable Cashout Restrictions

Some casinos will keep awful restrictions in place to ensure that players don’t get to cash out their winning for months and years. They will find a way to stall the payment. This is another strategy that is most certainly to blow up on your face.

Bonus Abuse

Casino bonuses seem like the biggest attractions that bring players to join. But the majority of casinos will design their bonuses with some insane wagering restrictions. To get a $10 bonus, players will be expected to spend hundreds of dollars. 

Even if you have mentioned the conditions of the bonus, many players will overlook it and then get agitated when they realize how much they will have to spend to get the benefits. It’s best to keep a balanced bonus policy, instead of promising untold riches and then trapping the customers.

Bad Customer Support

Customer support is called in the gambling industry more than any other. If you don’t have a good program, there is a good chance that the players will be frustrated when their questions don’t get answered for a long period, or their money is stuck in a transaction, or the games are not working right. 

Just because your casino does not have any complaints or bad reviews yet, does not mean it will stay that way. For a new casino, it can take a while for a player to win big, or not understand the bonus or wagering conditions. 

Even old, reputed casinos that are 100% honest have complaints against them. This is why a reputation management tool can be of great use for a casino owner. 

Advantages of Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Here are the benefits you get from having an online reputation management service at your side – 

Great Video Marketing

Did a player win? Capture the moment and share it in the right place. Nothing attracts gamblers more than winning stories.

Remove Disputed Google Results

Dispute an online review or claims over a mention of your brand? Let the ORM take care of it.

Create Positive Branding

Maintaining the reputation of a casino is an ongoing task. Focus on your business instead, and let the experts take care of it.

Blogs Reviews

Create positive content, stories, and engagement with valuable information that should get to your clients.

Social Media Management

If there is something bad about a brand, be sure that it will somehow end up in some social media. By staying ahead of the curve and creating a community for your players, you can foster positive experience about your brand. This makes the one-off bad reviews harder to believe for players because they know exactly how responsive and responsible your brand is. 

Best Online Reputation Management Tools

Here are some tools that have well-known expertise in reputation management and online monitoring:


A casino needs to be acceptable in many countries to make bank. This is why you should also have a management tool that can check listing management, review management, and SEO management in one place. 

Connect with your players, engage in conversation, respond to criticism, and put a face to the brand. This service is all about getting the right information at the hands of the right customer based on location. Listen to your customers and take intelligible actions.

Google Alerts

Stay aware of what customers say about your casino through Google Alerts. Create custom alerts with your casino name, and create on-point content and monitor your brand image at the same place. Google will search its database for any mentions of your brand and send you email notifications for the same.

Social Mention

The best way to stay on top of your brand persona is to know what people are saying in social media. Social Mention keeps track of 80 sites, including the most prominent social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. These channels will contain the majority of your mentions. Get the strength and weaknesses of your brand from client discussion pages, tweets, and more.


Tracker advertises itself based on being the broadest social media monitoring tool online. They keep track of all major news outlets, current trends, keywords, and influencer circles. 


Get current and past data from this tool and learn how your reputation is shaping up in real-time over the years. It also alerts you of mentions on various social sites.

Your Turn

As you can see, if you want to start your online business from scratch, particularly in the gambling industry, it is important to manage your reputation like a pro. 

What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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