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Today we sat down with Jeroen from Nederlandse Gokkasten to discuss how he developed his website from scratch. Of course, he did this with Canyon Themes, but it was still not an easy job. Especially given the fact that he is an editor and not a web designer. So all the more reason for us to admire him and get curious about how he managed to pull it off. 

Tell us a bit about Nederlandse Gokkasten?

Let me start by explaining the name, I think that will clear up a lot. Nederlande Gokkasten is Dutch for Dutch slot machines. So, knowing that, you can probably imagine that our website is an iGaming affiliate website. We focus mainly on gratis gokkasten online casinos. Now I hear you thinking; are the Dutch really that greedy that they all go crazy for gratis gokkasten? And I will have to shamefully admit to that. Because I also love free stuff. Then again, who doesn’t? Having said that, an affiliate is an online lead generation company that tries to send traffic to the online casinos. We have been doing it successfully for a while now, but we would’ve been nowhere without a great design on our website.

What’s the most important aspect of design to you?

To me the goal is always to get our readers what they want. So the design should facilitate that. If a reader for example wants to learn about the rules for European Roulette and sign up to a casino that offers this game immediately, he should be able to do so. So the customer journey is the first thing I care about when creating a design. After that, there are many technical aspects to keep in mind. Such as page loading time, image weight and the amount of text that we are planning to publish. As an affiliate your work is never done as the iGaming industry is ever evolving and you always want to be the first one to report any changes.

How does your design stick out?

First of all, I work with a team of very experienced people. That is already something that sets us apart. We know what players want. Not only because we have worked with them for so long, but also because we also enjoy gratis gokkasten every now and then. But you were asking about the design. It basically sticks out for the same reason. We try to follow UX trends to design something that we would like to visit so that our visitors like our design. It’s that simple. Google also looks at customer behaviour so we catch two birds with one stone.

What do you miss on WordPress?

I don’t really miss anything as WordPress is the best tool to get the job done, in my eyes. But I would like to add some things on our websites that have never been done before. Imagine having a toplist of casinos with gratis gokkasten, ordered by best bonuses and have that updated in real time. The technology nowadays is not there yet, but once it gets there I will be the first to vote in favour of getting this on our website. 

Which is your favourite theme?

To be honest I don’t really have a favourite theme. The thing about WordPress is that you can adjust any theme to your needs. As long as it is neat and clean any theme can basically do the job. That is, if you know your way around WordPress. If you don’t, it’s worth investing some time in it. Even though it’s quite intuitive there are too many options to be an immediate pro at it. And it’s also fun playing around with the options. You don’t even have to worry about accidentally erasing all the gratis gokkasten, there is a button to easily restore the last version of a page.

What word of advice could you give people who are struggling to find a theme?

First of all, it’s good to envision what you want out of your website. If you struggle with that, it’s best to ask a designer for help or just browse through existing sites or themes. Even if it’s just to discover what you don’t want. Believe it or not, you can also learn a lot from that. And from other people’s mistakes.

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