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What does it mean to learn to code for you if you own an online business? The question would have to be rhetorical in essence or it would just be a redundancy. Coding skills are more or less the finesse of the skill armory for anyone who owns an online business. That and the skillset required to manage a website, coding becomes an ace up the sleeve.

Within the world of online business and websites, you need to know a lot about WordPress development, WordPress themes, WordPress templates, codes, designs and a lot more to stay ahead of the curve. Among all these skills, the biggest edge you can have is through the ability to code. It just skyrockets your value and skills, bringing the necessary aide to your online business.

Now, if you don’t know how to code, it may sound like a miracle to learn it without having to spend long hours or maybe weeks acquiring the skill. Stop here and know this: You can learn to code without much hassle. It’s simple; You need to learn to code online.

How does the coding aid you though?

If you know how to code your own site, you can then manage and switch between any number of free WordPress themes, use them with your own convenience and alter them in any way. Coding knowledge, basically enables you to have your cake and eat it too. You can use the best wp theme and alter it in any manner to suit your needs.

Let’s assume you decide to go for it with whatever basic knowledge of computer codes you have. What happens? You end up in the WordPress code editor with a number of messed up codes and strings that end up making no sense and no functionality. All this comes out of the lack of knowledge which can be solved with minor efforts and a lot of online help.

All you need to do is to learn to code from some great online platform and then, you get rid of the dependency of multiple resources or unwanted adjustments. Fortunately for you, we have had our fair share of online endeavors to know what’s good, what’s okay and what doesn’t help. So, you can be sure that you are being dealt the right way whilst you absorb coding techniques from the internet.

EnvatoTuts Plus

A platform that provides a number of tutorials on a multitude of topics, all relatively focused and dedicated to the niche and designed by skilled tutors, EvantoTuts+ is one of the finest places to learn to code.

A platform that provides a number of tutorials on a multitude of topics, all relatively focused and dedicated to the niche and designed by skilled tutors, EvantoTuts+ is one of the best places to learn to code. You can learn any language, any skill relative to coding or even other relative niches that could aid your progress in the online business niche and go on to make hay in sunshine with the skills you acquire. Win win?


What do you think of a school that allows your choice of hours, your place of convenience and your choice of courses without any hitch? Well, whilst choosing from the list of possible choices for learning to code, W3Schools make a mark with the versatility they have on offer.

You can choose any course of your choice, learn it any time and can be sure that you are being dealt with the finest knowledge without any hassle. Easy and breezy method of learning to code. Isn’t it?


Specially focused on the coding niche, CodeAcademy makes into the list of the best possible choices for anyone to learn to code. Be it from the basics or to just ice the cake, it suits every need.

You can start for free and if you feel the need to have access to higher level tutorials, you can later upgrade to a very efficient and affordable pro membership. Just what you need to make your learning curve an easy one!

PHP Motion

Looking for something a little more complex and tough? Look no further. PHP Motion guides you through tougher routines of coding and gives you access to a huge volume of videos and tutorials, necessary for you to learn to code.

You can simply go pro and find other suited features that further enable you to strengthen your position on the online niche without having to put in a lot; Just a little of coding knowledge.

CSS 4 Design

Looking for a platform that is specific to teaching code methodology for CSS and HTML? CSS 4 Design has got you covered on this one. You can have a refined and focused learning span with CSS 4 Design, all relative to online coding for a bare minimum effort and pricing.

You can focus on the dynamics and mechanics of making your WordPress website better with codes with their focused WordPress tutorials and make your business a seamless online experience. Ace everything without much hassle.


Coding is an essential skill if you are looking forward to giving your customers a seamless experience with your WordPress business site. It enables you to express yourself directly without the loss of mojo due to an intervened communication to a resource or some pre-assembled feature that you may buy.

Go with learning to code and you will surely end up acing your business with all that you add to your skill arsenal during the learning curve.