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Social Media Marketing Basics for your website

With the times that the world is going through these days, there are a lot of benefits within the arena of Social media marketing. The world is evolving, no doubt, and with the current halt that it has come to, social platforms have become an ace for marketing tactics.

With most of the general public confined to the comfort of their homes, they are now spending more time than ever on social media. That is not just a guess, but a statistical assertion.

You are probably looking at the best opportunity to make the most out of digital platforms at the time. If you are not yet digital, start with learning how to create your website from scratch.

You can then go on to add the best themes to your website and make sure that it is perfectly suited to modern needs. You can make your website perfect with the addition of a few great plugins too!

Once you have a website that goes perfectly with the modern needs, you can focus on social media marketing basics then. It has to be a focal point because it’s all about social media these days.

You have to link social media to WordPress if you are aiming at better results from your marketing. Just make sure that your social media channels are active and connected to your website.

Social Media Marketing: The way forward these days?

You might wonder why there is so much hype that we are bringing to social media marketing in this blog. Well, you have to have a look around and figure out why?

With people being confined to the comfort of their homes, usage of social media has gone up by a multiple of 4. That means that you have more chances at showing up to your customers on social media than on other platforms.

If you want to make the most out of the situation with a perfect strategic approach as is the case with this business, you are bound to get more leads and more conversions.

Social media marketing is not just about ads, it is about being discovered more often. You can do that by the means of a WordPress social media tandem too!

You just need to make sure that your social posts are accessible to your website visitors and you share each of your WordPress post to social media.

Tactics that can help with social media

We know that you would definitely want to make the most out of the opportunity to earn conversions from social media in the time when it is the most profitable marketing platform. 

As they say, ‘make hay when the sun shines’, you too have to make sure that you have taken all necessary steps to make the most out of your social media marketing.

We are going to talk about the 5 keys to successful social media marketing for WordPress websites and we are sure that you will benefit from them regardless of your business niche.

1.  Let people share your stuff

Sharing is caring, and we know that your website visitors might feel the urge to share your content to some of their circle. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of a possible share of a WordPress posting to Facebook, would you?

Now, you can accomplish this very task with ease. All you need is a WordPress social media plugin that allows users to share your content directly to their desired social feed.

With a simple plugin like the Social Share Buttons, you can allow your users to share your content to their social media handles. This lets them spread the word out for you.

It is also a perfect path towards branding. You are not spending on ads and yet, people get to know about you and your business niche. So, a simple share option contributes to your branding and revenue. Not bad!

2.  Let audience interact with your content

If you allow your audience to interact with your content, you can gain on your SEO and keyword ranking as well. You can add a simple plugin that allows users to comment on your content with their social channels.

With the addition of one such plugin, your website visitors can interact with your content using their social media handles and comment on the content.

These comments and the social media affiliation, both will contribute massively towards the improvement of your search engine rankings and keyword standings.

3.  Let your audience know about your social media feeds

You need to make sure that the visitors coming directly to your website get to know about your social media handles and your feed. You can do this by adding a simple plugin that shows your social media feed on your website.

This helps your users look into your social media existence and determine that you are looking forward to interactions. With a simple inclusion of your social media feed on your website, you accomplish a lot.

Your customers get to know you have a social handle, they follow you from their social accounts, and then they stay in touch. That’s how social media marketing should pan out.

4. Post regularly and flaunt your website

When you are working with social media, you need to know that you are dealing with algorithms that can help your business grow or stall its growth completely.

These algorithms make sure that your posts reach the audiences if you are actively trying to reach out to people and people are reacting and engaging with your content.

You need to make sure that you are sharing appropriate posts every now and then and making them interactive. This will encourage the audience to engage and interact with your content, helping with the algorithm.

Also, make sure that you add your website’s link to your posts every now and then. Flaunt your website on social media and flaunt your social handles on your website: That’s one way to go about it.

5.  Hashtags make or break it!

Hashtags might have started to sound overrated or naive to you but believe us, they play a pivotal role in your post reach. If you want your post to reach out to more people, make sure your hashtags are perfect.

Choose a niche, use hashtags that are trending, make one hashtag for your brand and use it for branding, and don’t use too many hashtags. Keep it calculated.

Always look out for hashtags that are related to your niche and those used by the competition. In this way, when a potential customer searches for them, they would discover you as well.


Social Media Marketing requires dedication. You have to make sure that your website and your social channels are connected and linked. Post regularly, interact with your visitors, and spread the word around.

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