best SEO tools

We recognize that most of the business owners look for the best SEO tools first thing after creating a website. This search is basically originated within the need for acquiring traffic, which is the basic goal of every online entity.

If you own an online business, you are totally relying on traffic to provide you with potential customers from which you can then create purchase value. Yet, the whole purchase journey is dependent on traffic coming to you.

You cannot always depend on ads for traffic. They do pay off, but still, you would not want to go there on step one. Would you? Any online business would want to start with generating organic traffic rather than going to the extreme measure of paid advertisements.

If you are an online business, you want people to find you when they are looking for a niche relative to you. You don’t just want to be a ghostly ad that appears every now and then, you would want branding created out of organic traffic.

Now, with that very thing, you would go to Search Engine Optimization. It is not a very tough thing if you have the correct tools at your disposal. With SEO, you can have traffic pouring in without having to invest much!

How does SEO help your business?

Have you ever thought about having an SEO optimizer for your business? If not, there is one thing that you have been doing wrong on the route to business success.

This is not just one small SEO tools review, we are also guiding you through the reasons that you need SEO for your business. The simple inclusion of SEO software to your arsenal could make a huge difference.

How does SEO work though? Every search engine displays results for a search based on the content on the relative websites. If your website is optimized for appearing in these searches, you have a chance at creating a purchase. 

With even the use of free SEO tools, you can acquire traffic and increase your chances of getting conversions too. SEO gives you a chance of being discovered with organic searches, and that is how you can expand your business.

Best SEO tools for your business

Finding the right SEO tools for your business might get a little tough with the number of choices you might find over the internet. We know that, and that is why we have shortlisted the best SEO tools for you.

These tools range from simple keyword integration aids to the best SERP tracker tool and more. You can choose whatever suits your requirements and build your audience.

1.  Ahrefs

Ahref seo tool

Ahrefs is one of those SEO tools that you would definitely want on your website to boost your search engine performances. It has a wide range of functional positives that will make you love it.

Ahrefs comes with huge data collection, indexing of over 16 trillion different links, daily crawling of over 5 billion webpages, over 3 trillion known URLs and more. The tool is powered by a 48 petabyte storage and over 65,000 processing cores.

With Ahrefs, you have competitive analysis in its finest form. With its organic search report, you can know where your competition stands in comparison to you. It has enough data from across the web to make sure you are aware of what competition you face.

It also brings to the table unparalleled keyword research based on global volumes, trends, and SERP tracking. Its extensive keyword knowledge makes it one of the best SERP tracking tool for sure.

In addition to these features, Ahrefs also has a fine content research option that lets you know what content has created a buzz for a particular keyword. Also, backlink research helps you find all backlinks for any specified URL.

With this and its awesome rank tracking and web monitoring, Ahrefs makes its case to be your SEO tool at the time. What do you think?

2.  Accuranker


According to many of its users, Accuranker revolutionizes the way SEO has been for a lot of time. It may be quite worth the praise because there is a bucket full of features that it brings to your business.

With Accuranker, you have the biggest perk of having historical data at your disposal at any given time. You have an extensive SERP history and access to all changes in your keyword rankings.

This not only gives you an idea about how things have been going in SEO, but also gives you an opportunity to tune in better for the future. The tool does not stop here.

It gives you instant and on-demand updates to the keyword rankings so that you are never behind with your search engine optimization. It also adds value to your SEO efforts with in-depth analyses using segmentation and filters for a better understanding of your performance.

Accuranker comes with the option of tagging and landing page optimization so that you know your funnels and the keywords relative to them in terms of their performances.

Apart from all these amazing features, you can add unlimited domains to one account under Accuranker, add unlimited users to your account, have in-depth keyword rank analyses on your dashboards.

Accuranker also links you to numerous other software across the web. With its integration to Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Databox, and Sheets via APIs, you have the ease of intercalating all your data and platforms.

3.  RankChecker

free Google rank checker

Looking for something like a Google rank checker? Something that could be used as a free Google rank checker and also a search engine ranking optimizer: That is what Rank Checker is. 

RankChecker claims to be one of the simplest SEO tools available on the internet. We surely accept that to be true. It is simple, it is highly useful, and it is completely accurate with SERP and keyword reports.

RankChecker is definitely a software that you can refer to with that! It is one of the simplest yet comprehensive SEO tools that you would find over the internet.

It offers the services of a simple keyword rank checker as well as the comprehensive services of data-driven SEO software. It comes with huge data collection, huge index volume, and extensive URL numbers to find your keyword rankings and SEO standings.

It offers comprehensive competitive analysis with its array of data collected from multiple data streams. With those, it gives you your keyword standing comparative to those of your competitors.

It is simple to use and it offers you a distinction between keyword rankings on desktop and mobile platforms for you. That way, you know your SERP across platforms and you can adjust likewise too.

4.  Moz

moz seo tool

Moz declares itself an all in one SEO tool and we can do nothing but go with what they have to say because the performance of the tool proves their claims totally.

Moz provides you with site audits that are conducted on your demand. This helps you discover any SEO flaws on your website and make amends to correct them.

With its wide rank checking service that measures your keywords’ success and ranking across more than 170 different search engines, you can have the right knowledge of where you stand.

With in-depth analysis, keyword research, competitive analysis, keyword prioritization, success-scale identification, and more, Moz makes it into the finest SEO tools available on the internet.

5.  SEMRush

If you haven’t heard about SEMRush in your life, you need to know about it now! It is one of the finest SEO tools we know about.

SEMRush is one of the most complete SEO tools with numerous features that you would love to have for your SEO strategies. SEMRush comes with an extensive database of keywords and ranks to make life easier for you.

With an awesome technical site audit, SEMRush acknowledges you of your SEO standings, strengths, and flaws. With this and semantic core collection, you have a base to work with.

Along with those analytical advantages, SEMRush comes in with competitive comparison and keyword ranking trackers to determine your SERP for finding the right strategy for you.

All that and Backlink audits, that is how you know what pages and what keywords are going to be the best for your website and specifically certain webpages. That is how SEMRush holds its value as an SEO tool!

6.  Google Search Console

Google Search Console

If there was one of those Google SEO tools that could help you fix your traffic problems, it would surely be the Google Search Console. It is perfectly suited to tame traffic from Google to your website and give you a chance at generating revenue.

With Google Search Console, you can optimize your website to suit search engine patterns across the web relative to your niche. That would help bring more traffic to your website compared to sites that are not optimized for search engine traffic.

Google Search Console comes with the best possible data set for traffic present on its own search console and if you want traffic from Google to come right to you, you need to master this one!

7.  RavenTools

raven seo tools

Just like a raven would do, observe and then act, RavenTools helps you take care of the SEO strategy too. It basically starts with a keen observation of your keyword standings and then acting on those findings to make things work.

With a keen audit of your current search engine standings, RavenTools looks at your webpages, keywords, rankings, metadata, redirects, backlinks, and readability to deduce errors in your SEO strategy.

With awesome rank tracking, competitor research, marketing reports, link building manager, and backlinking support, RavenTools comes to your assistance in all respect for SEO.

With RavenTools, you have the best keyword rank checking, unparalleled site audits, and extensive optimization recommendations to fix things. What else is needed?

8.  Linkody

SEO is not only about keywords, but there is also more to it. Links and Link building is one pivotal part of SEO strategies and there are hardly any great tools out there.

Linkody seo

Linkody is an extensive tool that allows you to manage your links, track the backlinks, and analyze any bad links for corrections. With these steps in place, you can have your links modified to suit your SEO strategies.

Linkody helps you have the best links and backlinks with respect to your niche and builds on your SEO strategies to let you have a higher volume of traffic.

9.  Screaming Frog

Looking for SEO software that can lead you through the early hiccups? Screaming Frog is without any doubt your best choice if you want to go with an easy-to-use tool.

With Screaming Frog, you get unparalleled site audit reports, page analyses, metadata analyses, duplicate content discovery, data extraction with Xpath, and robot directory readings.

It is your perfect choice for an SEO tool if you want competitive and comparative analyses for your site’s keywords and backlinks. Simple, easy, and effective.

10.  WooRank

woorank seo tool

With WooRank, you can optimize your digital marketing strategy with ease. With better keyword rankings, you can have more traffic and a better chance at getting conversions.

You can dominate search results with higher ranking keywords, spend your time on doing more than on thinking, visualize your SEO progress, and know what’s stopping you from ranking.

Go with WooRank if you are looking for an SEO tool to take a lot of worry off your chest. Know your keyword ranks, performances, and backlink performances with WooRank.


These SEO tools are perfect for you if you are looking to upscale your search engine tactics. Go for the one that suits your needs and gain more traffic.