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In the nexus of the vastly complexified digital world, online existences can be of more than a handful usage. However, not every online entity makes money and not every website has the ability to generate traffic and revenue. What would be the best bet for a successful online existence then? Two words: Affiliate Site.

Affiliate sites have become the ace of the deck when it comes to online entities. To put them and their functionality in words, they are a platform for the promotion of affiliate products and a source of passive income. Instead of owning products, you focus on the promotion of affiliate products through content. Although this may sound simple, it may be a daunting task at times.

If You are looking forward to building an affiliate site, you may want to know the basics, the hierarchy of order, technicalities and a few pro-tips. In addition to the finalization of a framework and the focal market, you have to decide on a theme and plugins to go with the themes on WordPress.

Building an affiliate website would have the following steps:

  • Research and choose a niche
  • Buy hosting
  • Create and manage the website, preferably on WordPress
  • Add marketable content and relax

Using the Genesis Framework

If you know not what genesis framework is, let’s start with that. Genesis is one of the cleanest coded theme frameworks. It is like an outline of the website, a functional framework on which you can build any theme you want.

StudioPress Genesis framework is clean coded, secure, SEO suited and well-reputed in businesses. This makes it one of the finest contenders for theme frameworks but there is one thing on the wrong side of the scale. Genesis usually requires advanced development skills and if you want to deploy it functionally, you will require a programmer for that.

To add to that, it is the best option for gambling and casino niche. The framework supports the themes and plugins that make a casino flavored affiliate site catchy and successful. Casinos and Gambling are one of the finest niches for affiliate sites.

With a bulk volume and a huge potential audience, it can fetch traffic and revenue for your site without much hassle. New Jersey based casino-oriented affiliate sites make more than a case about how good a niche it is with their proven success.

Easier Ways to build an Affiliate WordPress Site

Hiring a professional developer might not be on your list so early into this and that is completely plausible. What makes affiliate sites a great prospect is the fact that they don’t need complex frameworks and programming aids. You can have a drag and drop framework and yet you could have a site that handles multitudes of data and audience.

Within the casino niche, another great option for frameworks is Poka Theme. In addition to being simple, it requires no programming or development skills and is super-efficient. Win Win?

If you don’t want to invest both time and capital in getting a programmer to go with the framework and theme, your best bet would be with page builders. WordPress supports a lot of page builders that are simply drag and drop.

GrowthPress is one such theme. It offers drag and drop page builder, exclusive theme features and a stand-alone sales page. In short, it is all about zero hassle and the creation of a productive affiliate site.

WooCommerce and themes

WooCommerce ranks as one of the finest ecommerce plugins for WordPress. It is easy to handle, does not require you being a tech geek and is SEO-suited. Furthermore, it is equipped with the ability to endure theme replacement and changes; which makes it one of the best choices for anyone looking to grow as an online business.

If you are looking to go for a WooCommerce theme for your site, your best bet on themes would be either Expert, Comre or REhub. In your best bets, Rethink V2 serves best for the cause of an affiliate site. Its features support product reviews and content marketing strategies, hence suited to affiliate online entities.

Long Story Short

Building an affiliate website is a step-by-step journey. From choosing a niche to installing the plugins and making the theme suited, it requires research, focus and a bit of wits. You can do it too with a simple start. Buy a hosting and get started!

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