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Most SEO and digital marketers will agree that backlink checker tools form an essential part of their everyday work. These tools help in keeping track of backlinks for a website. If you’re new to both backlinks and backlink checker tools, then nothing to worry. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know and list the best tools you should use.

The Importance Of Backlinks

Backlinks refer to the links from any external website pointing back to your website. Likewise, any links pointing to other external resources are also backlinks. They’re all over the internet, and that’s essentially how the internet works. 

But backlinks become even more critical when you take into account that Google and other search engines use them as a ranking factor. These ranking factors help the search engines determine which websites to rank higher than others. 

Backlinks are among the most critical ranking factors. This is because Google sees them as votes, and not merely as hyperlinks. So, if someone is pointing back to your website, this means they are voting for you to rank higher on SERP instead of your competitor.

A good amount of backlinks from reputed sources is the foundation for a good SEO campaign. When done correctly, this can generate traffic and leads for years to come, as revealed by Unseen Radiance. Reportedly, the website was able to garner a considerable amount of traffic by using the best backlink and pagerank checker tools.

To check these backlinks, you’d need backlink checker tools. These SEO tools scan the websites and web pages and record the links pointing to and from that page. Once scanned, they store it in a database. You access this database from the backlink checker app.

Some tools offer authentic and correct backlink health of your website. Here are our top 5 recommendations.

Best Backlink Checkers 


Ahrefs is a complete SEO tool used by some of the largest companies to find keywords and track backlinks. The Singapore-based company claims to have 22.14 trillion links stored in its database gathered from 170 million unique domains. Furthermore, it indexes 1.72 billion pages every single day, which is a third of what Google does. That’s a lot of information right there.

You can start using Ahref’s backlink checker tool for free. It will show you the total number of backlinks pointing to your website, referring domains, and your domain rating. The more these numbers, the better. The free version of the tool will also show how much traffic each domain in generating.

But you should try to avoid links that are potentially negative and affect your SEO health. To get access to this data, you’d need to sign up for a premium account. The premium account starts from $99 per month, but you can take a trial for $7 for seven days.


SEMRush is another all-in-one internet marketing software that offers a wealth of data at your disposal. There’s nothing you cannot find under its list of services, one of which is the Backlink Audit tool. 

Just drop in your website address, and SEMRush will show you all the websites that contain hyperlinks to your website. It will also reveal the domains and how toxic they are. Its proprietary Toxicity Score helps you determine whether a backlink is worth it. If not, you can work on ways to get rid of it.

Just like Ahrefs, SEMRush maintains its database and updates it daily. Thus, you can find relevant keywords that might be economically beneficial for your business and improve your image SEO. SEMRush is also very cost-competitive with plans starting from $99 per month, but you can start with a free account with limited features.  


Moz is an industry leader when it comes to SEO software. They created the concept of Domain Authority and Page Authority, which is used by Google as a ranking factor. Their backlink checker tool is called “Link Research” and will give you a quick view of the domains referring to your website. With their other tools, you can explore potential domains to get backlinks from which will improve the SEO health of your website.

Not only data about websites and backlinks, but they also offer comprehensive guides on how to do SEO, how to run a digital marketing campaign, and how to start an agency. 

But one downside to Moz is that their software is pricey, and you might not like paying that much if your sole purpose is to check backlinks. Standard plans start from $99/month, which can go up to 599/month.


If you’re in search of a backlink tracker specifically, then Linkody is the best option. Looking at the features, you can conclude that it was built primarily for link building purposes.

Once you start building links for your website, you can activate Linkody, and it’ll track all the efforts. There are tons of metrics that will reveal whether or not a link contributes to your SEO health. It’ll also notify you when you lose a link. So the administrator of an external website may decide to remove your link. With this notification, you have a chance of getting back this link at the earliest before he replaces it with a competitor.

Linkody also allows you to disallow bad links after identifying them. If you’ve got multiple domains to keep track of, Linkody makes it easy. This software is relatively cheap, and you can get started with as low as $14.90 per month.

Majestic SEO

Just like Linkody, Majestic SEO is another tool specifically for link building and SEO in general. Its Site Explorer tool lets you get a quick report on the SEO metrics of your website. You can explore the links linking to you and your competitors using Link Context. 

This feature also reveals whether the hyperlink is the link, image, or text-based. This information will help you further optimize the campaign. You can even compare your website with that of your competitor. All of this starting from $49.99 per month.

Your Turn

These were the best backlink checker tools that you must use. All of these backlink checker tools offer API from where you can pull their data. If you want more information specific for your purpose, then you can use these APIs for a fee.

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