5 Best Instagram Plugins for Sharing Your Feed on WordPress

Instagram is a great platform for sharing photos, videos, and ideas, and whatnot? It flaunts a beautiful feed that can integrate with your website to catch more eyes.

So, how do you integrate your Instagram feed to your responsive website? That’s when Instagram plugins help you out. In this article, we’ll recommend the five best Instagram plugins you can use for your WordPress website.

Best WordPress Instagram Plugins

Instagram Feed Pro

Instagram Feed Pro is arguably the best Instagram plugin for WordPress to showcase your social photo feed. It is already in use by over 1.3 million users. The plugin is developed by a company, Smash Balloon, which also develops similar plugins for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

You can get started with the free version that is limited to creating an Instagram social photo feed where the plugin fetches the posts and displays a few of them. By purchasing a premium package, you’ll get access to the following features:

Hashtag Feeds

With the Instagram Feed Pro, you’ll be able to embed Instagram hashtag feed directly on your website. It works as a bridge between your Instagram profile and your website, thus channelizing both the platforms. This can significantly improve your conversion rate and engagement.

Photo/Video Lightbox

You can display images and videos inside a popup that will instantly catch the visitors’ attention, thereby taking them to your Instagram (IG) feed.

Instagram Stories

With this plugin, you can showcase your IG Stories on your WordPress website. This ensures your visitors remain updated on what your brand is up to.

Captions, likes, and comments

Not only posts and photos, but you can also showcase the total number of likes and comments on your website. This is great for establishing authority and trust. Casino websites can flaunt their Instagram posts on their websites to boost their reputation

Shoppable Feeds

Why not allow your web visitors to shop on Instagram? You can run Shoppable feeds, which will link to products on your IG profile.

With the pro plan, you’ll receive instant support from the development team should you face any problem. If you want your own development team to work on this plugin and extend the functionalities for your purposes, you can do so by purchasing the Developer plan, which costs more.

Envira Gallery

Another excellent plugin for displaying the Instagram feed on website is Envira Gallery. It allows you to create advanced photo galleries that are sure to capture the attention of web visitors. To make them appear even better, you can choose from scores of pre-built themes.

It ships with a drag-and-drop builder that you can use to customize anything in minutes. With this, you can add features like lightbox, albums, videos, social sharing icons, galleries, watermarks, slideshows, pagination, among others.

In fact, you can do much more than just integrating Instagram feeds, and its features extend to aspects like SEO, social media marketing, designing, and branding. You can also make cool Instagram feed themes. This makes Envira Gallery a really powerful plugin to work with.


RafflePress is another great Instagram WordPress plugin. It positions itself as a “Giveaway Plugin,” and you’ll understand why in a second.

With RattlePress, you can set up a contest where your web visitors can participate by taking actions on your Instagram posts directly from the WordPress website. This not only increases engagement but also acts as a fun activity for your customers. Besides that, you can customize the Instagram feed to entice users to take other types of actions (liking or commenting on the feed, for example).

In addition to Instagram, you can also run similar contests for your Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter followers.

Its advanced targeting and retargeting feature allow you to maximize your conversion goals while being accountable at the same time.

Besides the giveaway and contests, you can always display dynamic Instagram photos and videos on your WP website. The drag-and-drop builder helps you create and maintain the interface on your website without the need of a developer.

Social Photo Feed by 10Web

With over 2 million downloads, the Social Photo Feed plugin from 10Web is an ideal choice if your primary goal is to display Instagram images on your websites. While the other plugins mentioned in this list boast of dozens of other features, this plugin has a minimalist approach.

You can install the plugin, link your Instagram account, use a pre-built theme, and start displaying the real-time feed on your website. All of this within a couple of minutes.

Other advanced features allow you to customize the layout, introduce a lightbox, and display detailed metadata like captions, likes, and comments.

You can display unlimited feed, and website visitors can easily scroll to the end of your Instagram page. If enabled, they can share and even download the images from the lightbox.

With a paid plan, you will unlock additional advanced features, receive regular updates and instant support from the 10Web team.

Revive Old Posts

While the name of the plugin might sound a bit peculiar, it is good at what it does – share new and old photos on multiple social media platforms, including Instagram.

Revive Old Posts can be used by anyone who wants to increase their followers’ engagement, whether they be solo bloggers or large e-commerce stores. You’re guaranteed to save time and effort with this plugin.

But to start sharing photos on and from Instagram, you must purchase the pro version. The free plugin version is limited to Facebook and Twitter.

With the pro version, you can showcase your latest and old Instagram posts and videos on your website. You can also define the age of posts and set a maximum and minimum range.

Wrap Up

These were some of the best Instagram widget WordPress that have been tried and tested for their awesome performance. It’s important to take into account the version compatibility and features before you choose any of them. So, which is your favorite pick? Let us know in the comments below.

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